Pray for Afghanistan

Abdul-Hadi,* a young Afghan man from an isolated mountain town, grew up in a conservative Muslim family. While studying in the capital city, he was introduced to the Gospel by foreigners and made a commitment to follow Jesus. After graduating and returning to his hometown, his father found his New Testament and beat him severely, throwing him out of the home.

Despite his father’s rejection, Abdul clung to his faith in Jesus. His consistent positive witness and the evident change in his life was such a powerful testimony that his father invited him back into his home with a feast. Abdul married and had three young daughters. He and his wife suffered for their faith, but remained steadfast.

A couple of years ago Abdul-Hadi and another believing local friend were imprisoned for a month. Thrown into an overcrowded cell with a group of prisoners, including some with Taliban connections, they experienced many dark days. But God was faithful, providing unexpected protection for them from a former classmate who was respected and feared by the other prisoners as a powerful “bad guy.” Abdul-Hadi and his friend remained committed to their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. One day they were suddenly summoned, flown to the capital city, and unexpectedly released.

While Abdul-Hadi and his family were visiting a neighboring country, they were being encouraged to apply for asylum and move to the West, where they would be safe from the risk of another imprisonment. But Abdul-Hadi sensed God speaking to him during those days, encouraging him to return to his homeland in order to have a bigger impact for the Kingdom of God. In spite of

the opportunity to flee (see Paul’s similar experience in Acts 21:18-14), Abdul-Hadi returned to Afghanistan with his wife and children, where they have been actively involved in discipling and training believers from around the country. They have not been silenced from fear or the threat of persecution. Their fearless witness and faithful ministry portend a great hope for a shattered land and people in desperate need of knowing God’s true love.

*Name changed to protect identity. Photos do not represent individuals in the story.

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