Pray for the Persian World

Pray for the 150 million people of Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan who are still waiting to hear the Good News.

Pray for the People Groups of the Persian World

The ancient Persian world was a major center of art, culture, and science for many generations. Its scholars made important contributions to astronomy, mathematics and medicine. In modern-day Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, the historical impact of the Persian empire and its legacy can still be seen. The Persian language is spoken by millions and the culture has influenced many others.

But much more amazing is the incredible growth of the church as Persian peoples turn to Jesus, house churches spread and communities are transformed. Pray with us for this movement to grow through Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the Persian diaspora around the world.


The 8 million Tajiks of Tajikistan have a rich history & share a cultural heritage with other Persians, including Irani Persians and millions of Tajik Afghans.

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Kurds are an Iranian ethnic group native to the mountainous regions which span SE Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. About 10 million Kurds live in the Persian world.

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The 15 million Pashtun people of Afghanistan are spread over some 400+ tribes and make up the 26th largest ethnic group worldwide and one of the hardest to reach.

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Although “Afghans” is not a term that clearly describes any one people, there are in fact many Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara and other ethnic groups that are referred to as Afghans.

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Stories from the Field

God is at work in the Persian World.
Here are a few stories from the places and lives He is impacting.

Pray for the Irani Church

The church in Iran is growing at a fast pace. Yet it is almost entirely underground and persecution is rampant. Yet Iran used to have a more free, open church community. Today, Iran’s government harshly restricts religious freedom for Christian minorities. While historic Armenian and Assyrian Orthodox churches, serving their…

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Pray for Herat, Afghanistan

Article from 30 Days of Prayer – On October 7, many devastating earthquakes rocked Herat, Afghanistan, and surrounding villages. Since then, they’ve experienced over 20 more earthquakes and tremors of more than 4.0. So far, the city of Herat, with its concrete structures, has seen little structural damage. However,…

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