Pray for the Irani Church

The church in Iran is growing at a fast pace. Yet it is almost entirely underground and persecution is rampant. Yet Iran used to have a more free, open church community. Today, Iran’s government harshly restricts religious freedom for Christian minorities.

While historic Armenian and Assyrian Orthodox churches, serving their communities for centuries, are allowed to function with limitations. This tolerance is likely due to their use of Armenian and Assyrian languages in worship, minimizing the perceived threat of conversion among Persian-speaking Muslims. However, these Christians, along with many non-Shia Muslims, face discrimination as second-class citizens.

Previously, Protestant churches offered services in Farsi, attracting Iranian Muslims. But after the 1979 revolution, these churches faced pressure and most were forced to close. The remaining few registered churched operate under tight restrictions, unable to accept new Muslim background believers.


  • The witness of Armenians and Assyrians.
  • Courage for leaders of churches that meet in buildings.
  • Encouragement for these churches.
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